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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. announcer: this is channel 9 eyewitness at 11:00 coverage you can count on. new tonight, the state has pull aid local pediatrician's license over -- pulled a local pediatrician's license over allegations he was drinking and taking drugs while caring for children. >> i'm a human being like all of us. >> nine investigates went straight to him. a popular pediatrician was forced to close his office this week after a doctor said he could be a danger to young patients. >> nine investigates claimed the doctor was under the influence treating children.
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doctor tonight, and jeff, he told you he was never impaired. >> reporter: special he told me it's all because -- and he told me it's all because of an ex-grunteled employee. in 2003, he was convicted of attempted trafficking in hydrocodone. when we reached him at his home tonight, dr. polasko said he's being persecuted by the state. disagrees. 9 investigates found that three days ago the department ordered an emergency restriction of his medical license. dr. polasko was evaluated by an addiction specialist, and he admitted he drinks a glass or two of wine, and takes ambien, an alcohol screen showed he consumed a greater amount of
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prescription records showed he has been using ambien on a regular basis. he denies being impaired. >> if they diagnosed you with having a problem? >> that's incorrect, to the best of my knowledge. all my documentation is negative. >> reporter: he tells me he recently lost his son, the sign on his office door explains this to his patients as to why they may now find a matter. >> reporter: as to the truth of the matter, the office is closed because of your license? >> the ladies and gentlemen from the department of health came to me yesterday, with paperwork and said the office is to be closed, and we followed their instructions to the letter. >> reporter: and dr. polasko promises to get his licenses under control.
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>> you can watch more on happening in orange county, one person has been injured after being hit by a vehicle on world center drive, not far from i-drive, causing major backups in the tourist district. we have a crew working to get more information on this crash and the condition of the victim. the marion county sheriff said it would have been ill legal to release body camera and surveillance video of five deputies punching, kicking and kneeing a suspect any sooner than he did. yesterday we showed you this video of the now former deputy's beating derrick price during a drug arrest in 2014. after reviewing store surveillance and body camera vehicle, the sheriff's office suspended those deputies without pay and sent the case to fdle. >> we're taking all the must bes that we can possibly -- measures we can possibly take to make sure these individuals under there are consequences if you step outside that boundary.
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the video when began investigating, and added it would have been ill legal to release the video to us because the sheriff's office wasn't investigating. the man behind the push to get medical marijuana back on the ballot says supporters will be reaching out to voters over the age of 60. yesterday, united for care got enough petitions to put the issue on the 2016 ballot. back in 2014, the amendment narrowly failed to get enough support. because of that, john morgan says proponents like sheldon addison may not fight this time. >> sheldon's got his fight. let's see what he does with the legalization of marijuana in las vegas. >> he said since he believes it's presidential election, it will bring more voters which will help his cause. tonight, in the 7th g.o.p. debates, we have more from all
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>> angela, the obvious question is who will benefit most from trump's absence? >> reporter: and that includes trump himself. the impact could be too early to see, but right now, it seems all parties on both stages tonight held their own. >> i tonight thank everyone here for showing the men and women of iowa the respect to show up. >> reporter: referring to the elephant not in the room tonight, seven candidates trailing donald trump didn't seem bothered by his absence. florida senator marco rubio and former governor jeb bush tackled topics of defense and leadership. >> we need someone who will take on hillary clinton in november, someone who has a proven record, who has been tested, who is totally transparent. >> reporter: ted cruz didn't seem to appreciate a upon shift towards him. >> if you ask one more mean stage. >> reporter: trump may not have been here, but he didn't stay home.
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cameras than they do by quite a bit. >> instead holding his own televised veterans fundraiser at the same time as the debate. the candidate wasn't violent on social media engaging in a bizarre tip with a saudi prince on twitter, and airing his take on facebook. >> to be politically correct, just take too much time. it takes too much effort. >> reporter: that's where we found he posted this video this afternoon to more than 5 million fans. >> we have to get things done in this country, and you never stay politically correct. >> reporter: and no final word if trump will participate in the martha? >> all right. and i'll tell you what, it will be interesting to follow. big changes in food stamps, food stamp cards are loaded in the 1st 12 days of the month, but dcf is changing disbursement to be spread over 28 days, that means for the month of march,
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beginning of the month and the rest later in the month on a newly assigned day. then, those benefits will have to be stretched until that new date the next month. >> do you think the state should families? >> families, because we're the ones who actually try tow go work and put food on our tables and we're not even making enough money as it is to provide that. >> dcf says the goal is to help grocery stores commonly long. a man accused of peeping in a high school student's bedroom his arrest. police say the girl spotted the suspect, who called her mother, who called 911. police surrounded him and arrested him 30 minutes later. the 911 call revealed the mother and daughter were careful not to startle him before officers moved in. >> i'm right outside her door.
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because i don't want to scare him off, i'd rather someone catch him. >> reporter: brace is charged with burglary and voyeurism. daytona beach leaders are working on beds and services for homeless at the volusia county service building. josh wagner says the city has until march 3rd to sign an agreement with the county on a long term shelter, but he still remains optimistic. >> i'm here in the city, as well, everything's moving forward. they want to have the contract signed by march 1st. even before deadlines. >> followup on this, up to the point, the city has not set anything in stone. city loaders said they would have a solution again by the end of this week, which is tomorrow. meanwhile, more than 160 volunteers are walking our streets to identify how many homeless people live in central florida. these are pictures of annual
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orange, osceola and seminole counties. last year, 2,100 homeless people were identified, and this year, central florida officials want to see a smaller number. we'll find out what they want next month. a nurse is accused of stealing prescription pills from airports at a daytona beach assisted living tenty -- patients at a daytona beach assisted living tenter from ten parents at the coastal health and rehab center. investigators said mason took them to treat her headaches and vacillate. denied taking the pills. gary bullock junior escaped last friday from his work release program. investigators say he and his girlfriend may number this 2010 white four-door chevrolet cobalt with her 3-year-old son. the car's florida tag is eujl 31. bullock was serving eight years. he's considered armed and dangerous. the man accused of helping
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credit cards, is still in jail tonight. of course gonzalez once sued casey anthony for defamation and investigators said this video helped her and jonathan acevedo from the kissimmee hotel they worked from a cancer patient. deputies say the couple charged more than $800 on that charge. a court hearing for a convicted killer in brevard countyie is being pushed -- county is being pulled until next month, anthony welch's lawyers are asking for him to get a life sentence instead of a new sentencing trial n. 2,000 he was found killing a couple in their melbourne home. 30 years have passed and today the country and nasa paid tribute to the fallen heroes of the space shuttle challenger disaster. a day of remembrance at the space sender was had for the
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exploration of space. and a newly released study by the aclu shows deputies ticket black drivers almost three times more often than whites in orange county. the aclu is asking departments to give off more training. the orange county sheriff's office told us it continually reevaluating those policies, procedures and operations and the sheriff will meet with the aclu soon to discuss issues. people in this apartment complex say recent storms have left them with mold, mildew and a collapsed ceiling. >> it's just horrible. >> the help the landlord said he gave tenants that isn't enough. >> the last of the rain is pushing through and i'm updating more change including what to expect temperature wise over the upcoming weekend.
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. announcer: you're watching channel 9 eyewitness at 11:00 with greg warmoth, martha sugalski, and certified meteorologist chief meteorologist tom terry. in seminole county people who live in the sealy apartments in altamonte springs are frustrated after their ceiling collapsed following this week's severe weather. residents say they've been dealing with mildew and mold for months but despite going to the landlord, nothing has been done.
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she woke us up this morning because the ceiling was falling in. something gots to get done. >> we spoke to the landlord who says he's told eyewitness with a sealing and spray for the mold and moisture. the city has not had any code violations. the orlando fire department said a generator was moved into waldon ponds condos and caused several people to get sick from carbon monoxide. a family of four took themselves to dr. phillips hospital and another two were transported to orlando regional and four others were treated at the complex. >> it's usually body aches, a headache, redness of the face is one of the symptoms, nausea and vomiting, and it's very much flu-like symptoms. >> all the patients are expected to fully recover. ery reached out to management at the com-- we reached out to
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9 investigates found land in orange county where homes are set to be built is contaminated with tce, where habitat for humanity habitat for humanity is supposed to build at least nine homes. we spoke to a resident who lives nearby who says his water has been contaminated for years and he has nerve damage from it. >> sampling testing done by the state and through the county. the first sampling was nine parts per million, which is nine allowed. >> he says the city told him to dig a deeper well to get safe water. the county told us where habitat for humanity habitat for humanity plans to build is safe because of the lower levels of tce, but they plan to launch an extensive investigation. an orlando woman says thieves told her mail and her identity. ruth schultz says she has been fielding phone calls ever since. it made effect on january 20th, but didn't get a notification
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happened. how did somebody change my that i lost? >> the u.s. postal service says anyone who signs a change of order acknowledges they face up to 15 years in prison for submitting false or inaccurate information. two big trees were brought down in orange county. firefighters helped clean one vineland road. across town a tree fell on coolidge avenue. luckily no one was injured. what a mess. >> a lot of these big trees are beautiful, but i had a nice big wild chery tree in the backyard. you -- cherry tree in the backyard. it's january. >> el nio. >> we definitely are cooler and wetter and stormier than average and we've had all of the above with a record or near-record el
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we've been very fortunate -- i don't have wood to knock on here -- yes, i did -- that we haven't had any big widespread tornado outbreaks back n 98, and also 2007. we have a couple -- in '98 and 2007. we'll be watching the next couple months for this el nio pattern. some showers 62, downtown, the rainfall starting to work into western orange county, the last a little bit, sliding on through and we'll continue to see some showers drizzling overnight but the bulk of the rainfall will add up in your rain gauge, moving out shortly south of 44, north of sanford towards deltona and scattered showers in eastern this finally. we'll have a little bit of residual light rain. it will spin towards the gulfstream and it will bring some very choppy marine conditions and higher rip current risks for the weekend, but we'll have some much nicer
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whatever you have planned for the next several days. celebration today, 3.3 five inches of rain, lake mary over two and a third, apopka coming in as 1.23. totals were generally less than an inch, until the conductor rain started moving in, almost like a summer-like pattern with some of the thunderstorms this afternoon. right now, clouds clearing on out early in the morning. we'll have a full head of sunshine by the time you meet brian shields on "daybreak" this morning. temperatures in the 50s right now, and falling, we'll make it down to around 50 even in orlando, mid-to-upper 40s with the rain tapering off. it will be a nice start to the day, cool, but the sunshine we hopefully take the edge off of that in deland, deleon springs, any her getting ready for the
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24, to enjoy the festivities at the new speedway. 67 in ocala tomorrow, with winds out of the northwest, it's going to be rather cool, kind of breezy still left over. this is for saturday for the rolex 24 this weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s just a perfect weekend weather wise for racing at daytona. five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, maybe you have other plans going on this weekend, we'll keep it warmer day-by-day, temperatures rebounding and i do have the big 8-0 just in time for tuesday. >> we'll look forward to that, or at least i will. a local father is making a push for but stops safer, why red light cameras may have but the brakes on that next. >> i'm brian shields, tomorrow, the change in temps, the chilly changes out the door, plus i'll have new information on the weekend temperatures that, plus all your latest news on eyewitness news this morning
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lawmakers say red light cameras are holdings up a push to make cameras safer, a new law would add cameras on buses who pass illegally.
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more surveillance because of all the red light cameras. a volusia county dad who's daughter was killed walking home is pushing for the change. he's upset lawmakers are planning to support toucher penalties but drop the cam -- tougher cameras but drop the cameras. >> the red light cameras are those they enforce. >> 11,000 drivers pass illegally just in one day. a brevard county teenager who admitted his role in a break-in will wait leaks to await his sentence. the resulted shooting left the teen a quadriplegic. the wheelchair bound joshua lamb took responsibility for his actions in palm bay. he's facing 20 years in prison and his mother is asking he be returned to her and home because he already has had his punish health. orange county residents got to hear from transportation
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a busy road who has been the scene of many serious crashes. 30 t-bone crashes have been reported with mai-thai drive in the last four years. they plan to add medians which would only allow left-hand turns to cutdown on the problems. a north carolina social worker was scammed by a man selling tickets on line. working with child protective services she brought down all of these children her mom and friend on an 11-day vacation. he trip had a snag when responding to a craigslist add for cheap tickets. she met kevin bauer and bought tickets for $75 apiece. she thought she was getting a great deal until she went to the park and tickets were no good. deputies found him and he's still in jail. disney has been making a lot of changes to its parks and its
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they want to build a new 2,000-square foot venue at the espn complex. disney doesn't specify what it would be for. announcer: this is your 11:00 sports presented by lexus of orlando. christian here now and the solar bears have taken over the amway. >> with the magic out of town, the ice is down. >> all three against the monarchs with the second best record in the eastern conference. tonight, more. same, monarchs on the power play, alex gupuntil, pokes home the rebound for the bad guys. now 2-0, manchester, and antawn, bombay sapphire, solar bears have lost four of the last five. vonda hoops, magic are in boston, were scheduled to hold practice this morning. how do you like them apples?
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really likes lately is trying to find a way to win, who will lead his team up against the celtics? magic have lost search straight, 11 of their last 12. boston is playing their last basketball of the season. they've won four straight but didn't lose to orlando back in november, 110-91. >> they're playing different than when we played them last time. they're playing much better and we're trying to get back to where we were playing at that level so it's kind of two different teams even though the personal is the same. >> on saturday -- personnel is the same. >> kickoff set for 8:30 on cleveland. the three point lime is going to illuminate -- line is going to illum innate beyond the arc.
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darwin soren for the next two years. he had two goals and two cysts last year and was voted mls latino player of the year. >> he's been absolutely fantastic. he believed in what we were trying to do because he came a year early to play and i think it's only right we look after the players who i feel that only physically e emotionally invested in the club and that's what these guys are. >> it's very important for me and my family, yes. my family and me love this team, this city. >> if you want to check out darwin with orlando city season
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. rain finally moving outful out. temperatures rebounding to the mid-to-upper 60s tomorrow. we'll be in the supper 70s by early next week martha. >> and be sure to watch eyewitness this morning at 5:00, and get your weather info and traffic. >> thank you for watching.
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